What kind of friendship I have?
Lack of trust.
Talking behind.
Feels irritated a lot when she / they ask abt my work.
And so on.

Soon I left some groups since I think they need to know how annoying they are and HOW I DONT WANT TO SHARE MY STORY WITH ANYONE!

Jerk, I've told you so many many times dont ask abt that crazy thing yet you, you jerk, stupidly listen to that sotoy one who I dont really know. Well, here you get; MY ANGER.

You know what?? That (I guess) I know you enough is the number one reason why I will never let you know abt me! But, geez, you assh*le, Idk why you keep feeling that we're that close and  thinking that my friends, my family or my life are yours too? Poor you, baby.
Mine is mine. You mind yours.